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The Goldilocks Syndrome: Gender Inequity or Lifestyle Choice?

By on May 1, 2014 in Podcasts |

The rising profile of women entrepreneurs means it’s high time we rethink our notion of how women entrepreneurs walk, talk and think.

The Woman’s Playbook premiere show, The Goldilocks Syndrome, is a deep dive into what happens when women launch a business. Women don’t seem to scale up or go for the brass ring as often as men do. What gives? Is this gender inequity or lifestyle choice?

We hear from PR maven Samuella Becker, founder of New York City’s TigressPR, and her personal story of how ambition and success square off against family and independence.

Then we hear from Jamie J. Ladge, management professor at Northeastern University in Boston, whose work and research focuses on the intersection of women’s careers, identity and work-life integration.

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