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TechSpeak: How to make sure your hired IT wizards build the site, software and apps you want

By on Jul 10, 2014 in Podcasts |

Technology may now dominate every facet of business, but most women-led enterprises aren’t founded on tech products. Typically, women still don’t code. That lack of high-level tech often puts women entrepreneurs at the mercy of hired developers.

So how do you know what the tech gurus are working on?
How do you define the deliverables you expect?
And how do you monitor and keep IT pros on track?

To provide answers, workshop leader and technology expert Nelly Yusupova developed TechSpeak, a smart bootcamp that teaches non-tech entrepreneurs how to communicate with tech teams.

Nelly offers clear, practical ways to effectively oversee and engage a development team, including cautionary red flags to notice and how to catch mistakes early enough to minimize damage.

Key to TechSpeak lessons for moving your business forward, says Nelly, is overcoming the fears of failing. “Failure is the biggest opportunity to learn,” she says.

Learn to talk TechSpeak with the best of them, with guest:

Nelly Yusupova is CTO of  Webgrrls International, chapter leader of NYCWebgrrls, @NYCWebgrrls, and founder of Digital Woman.  Named to Fast Company’s “League of Extraordinary Women,” and the Wall Street Journal’s “Women on the IT Fast Track,” Nelly also is a Web technology consultant, national speaker and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs and Build Your Social Media Footprint bootcamps

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