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Alpha Girls: Women in tech are leading the pack and reshaping feminine role models

By on Jun 20, 2014 in Podcasts |

Stories of women being harassed, hit on, passed over and put down continue to roil through the industry — even as more women work on technology’s cutting edges. It’s clear that men are hardly throwing down the welcome mat. In fact, women in technology are leaving the industry at a staggering 56% rate, and usually just as they hit mid-level careers — that is, when their talent is most valuable in an industry desperate to hire more experts.

At the same time, women themselves are wrestling with how to deal, how to get ahead and, overwhelmingly, how to integrate life and family into the 24/7 maelstrom.

On June 19, we lift the lid off the simmering controversies to look at women who code, with guests:

Sabrina Majeed, @Sabrina, is a product designer at BuzzFeed, an online social news and entertainment company. She recently joined eight women colleagues to post About Feminism, a call to action for the industry to rethink its attitudes and behavior.

Ashley J. Swartz, @RedFuryNYC, is the founder of Furious-Minds, an advertising technology collective that focuses on the changing business models and ad technologies of TV and online video. Her company helps startups deliver revenue and accelerate to market in the landscapes of TV 2.0, online video and television and digital automation.

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