Your Guide to Business in the She Economy


The rising profile of women business owners means it’s high time we rethink our notion of how women entrepreneurs walk, talk and think.

It’s also prime time to shine a light on women’s distinct ways of doing business by offering realistic role models, sharing hands-on advice and raising questions and eyebrows about gender equity.

That’s why journalist, podcast host and entrepreneur Joanna L. Krotz is leading a multimedia platform to support and inspire 21st century women’s entrepreneurship, including an upcoming book, speaking, Webinars and timely podcast interviews with women owners and experts.

The Woman’s Playbook is dedicated to moving the needle on women’s parity, purpose, passions and prosperity.

Check out my just-released book:

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Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business

If you’re a woman-led enterprise, we’d love to consider your experiences in facing challenges and clearing hurdles for interviews and podcasts. Visit the Contact page to tell us about your story.

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