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Brave New Models: High-tech women are reinventing markets, business and startup prototypes

By on Jul 25, 2014 in Podcasts |

As more women earn top-drawer degrees in science, technology, engineering and math, they’re moving full STEM ahead to leverage that knowledge with startups that break old molds and rethink business.

Meet two entrepreneurs with serious tech chops — one in user experience and visual design and the other in chemical engineering. Smartly focused on niche markets, these passionate founders are outmaneuvering big industry guns by using technological tweaks to transform familiar household products:

Tina Israni is cofounder of Zoraab, a retail subscription service of men’s accessories and apparel, “founded,” she says, “to disrupt the ecommerce space.” She also is cofounder of Mint Socks, street-art-inspired socks for guys. A user experience designer and writer, Tina does UX/UI consulting and is currently UX designer in residence at General Assembly.

Supriya Hobbs is cofounder of startup Miss Possible, which will manufacture dolls that represent real women in science, along with apps for girls, age 6-10, to play with on-screen. A recent chemical engineering grad, Supriya and cofounder Jenna Eaves just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their Marie Curie prototype and science kit.

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