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Why focus on women entrepreneurs?

Women are now starting businesses in never-before-seen numbers – faster than male-owned firms. At the same time, research confirms significant differences in the ways that women and men do business. Interestingly, those differences are hardwired and biological as well as cultural and sociological.

So what does it mean to be a woman entrepreneur? Few media channels explore that question beyond the waves of pink-rated cheerleading. That’s because talking about explicit gender differences gets a lot of people riled up — women as well as men. But sex-based differences in business are real and proven. More to the point, characteristics defined as “female” are influencing best business practices and reinventing markets.

That’s why The Woman’s Playbook is serving up answers online, in a book, via on-demand podcasts and by speaking around the country.

Who is the founder?

Joanna L. Krotz has been investigating the payoffs and challenges of small business owners, particularly women-led firms, for years. She’s interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, male and female, as a national magazine editor, journalist, author and online small business columnist.

What’s the business mission?

Power and parity for women, which will boost the economy and lead to better lives for men and families as well. Redefinitions of success that respect and recognize women’s distinct ways of managing and growing businesses.

Clearly, most women are on the other side of the door when it comes to corner or elected offices. Airwaves and social media may buzz with cries of “empowerment” and “progress” but the facts speak louder. A scant 8.1% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women — that is, only 41. In the Fortune 1000, that number still gets up to only 7.3% female CEOs. A pitiful 28% of the 2023 US Congress are women — 124 women in the House and 25 in the Senate out of the total 535. And, of course, 51% of Americans are female.

And yet. There’s never been a better time for women to jump off those traditional ladders and launch business of their own to discover lives of achievement and satisfaction.

The Woman’s Playbook is dedicated to supporting women-led enterprises with hands-on advice, real-life resources and P2P community. Join the growing movement of women entrepreneurs and gain more control over your business and your life.

Because being equal doesn’t mean being the same.℠

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